The prologue of Life.



My official 12 years of formal education as a student in Singapore is over! The journey has been long and definitely filled with crests and troughs, but life will still progresses. Wishing some things to have happened instead of what did will make your life stationary. It’s not gonna be productive at all.

Just a summary of what I was disappointed with the past couple of years:

1) NUS High. I went for the test. Twice, in P6 and Sec 2. Failed both

2) O-Level. My parents and I expected that number to be a single digit, got 11 and was posted to a school which I didn’t even know the whereabouts of until the morning of orientation.

3) Various CCAs and Positions. First 3 CCA Auditions failed, was not voted for a few leadership positions which I shall not name.

4) Promos was a wreck and I didn’t manage to take an H3 subject.

That’s some of it. I really felt like the world’s biggest loser when these events happened. Honest. After receiving the text that said I was posted to CJ at 6am, I was so disappointed and went back to sleep till 11+. After receiving some of the other rejections, I went straight home and sulked about it for the rest of the day. I was devastated.

Now that I’ve talked about the troughs, it’s time for the crests.

1) I was posted to CJ, where I met some of the people that really changed my life.

– 1T20 ’13, 2T20 ’14. Thanks for accepting me. I know I can be a pain in the ass most of the times to almost everyone.

– Group Belajar/Tidur ❤

– Fellowship group. Thanks for being a spiritual pillar of support in school.

– CJ Indo gang. Lebih seru ngomong indo diskolah ya gak?

*If I do not mention you, forgive me. It’s 1:30am and I have work tomorrow. But this list is just the tip of the iceberg. You know who you are.

2) Failing all those trials made me go into CJ Dance. An art which I long let go after Nasi Boengkoes in 2009. The incarnation of the Brownian thoughts in my head brought to life. The chance to be taught by Xue Hui, Ryan, Max and Xiao Xiao over the 2 years. I look forward to Dance practices because it’s one of those times where the music plays and your body just moves without your mind thinking about social norms and expectations.

3) I have more time because I do not take up any leadership position. With my involvement in TLG, and how often I see see look look with my friends, I guess not being chosen/voted for those positions really had it’s perks.

Yes I’ve come to realise that the beauty in God’s time after all these years. What we see and assume we comprehend in our 3-dimensional world is a probably half a mere dot in His artistic eyes.

So anyway, A Levels ended on 24 November 2014. Am now working as a Salesperson at Conversion Hub till April, before enlistment on 5 May. If you are still reading, I thank you for your time and interest on this blog. Stay tuned for more snippets of the life of Felix Michael.

God Bless

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