Day-trip to Batam (20 Dec 2014)

Mission trip + Short Getaway
Woke up at 4:30am, made breakfast at 5, and left the house at 6 for Harbourfront with Monica. We were supposed to be in Batam for a mission trip: Set up a free clinic for a village there.

Beautiful colours  at 7:50am (SG)

Beautiful colours at 7:50am (SG)

Ferry ride

Ferry ride

Upon reaching Batam at about 8:00 local time, we(I) decided to eat while waiting for some of the others to arrive. This was my third time eating for the day, and it’s not even 9am. Oh damn. Breakfast of toast and scrambled eggs at 5, a banana at 7, Fried rice at 8. Ha ha ha…


Nasi goreng + Teh manis for 30rb

After the others arrived, we took a van and reached the village at about 9:00, set up and the clinic opened up at 10:00 for the villagers.


20141220_100708 20141220_100524Monica and I were translators for the day. 3 doctors were on this trip. Ronny (The head doctor who is Indo), Ben (From US whom I helped translate) and Adethi (From India whom Monica helped translate. I don’t know how to spell her name)

Some of the sickness were HBP, gout, TB and most had the common flu and cough. It was 3 hours long.

I don’t really know what to describe about the mission trip but the one thing which I maybe could highlight is that this kid called out to me and said, “Om, om, ada obat jerawat ga?” (Uncle uncle do you have medicine for pimples) Sian…

It was an enriching experience and I shouldn’t really try to describe it.

20141220_154126 20141220_145929 20141220_143925 20141220_143906 20141220_143347 20141220_142723

We reached back at Batam Centre at about 3:30, parted ways with the mission trip group and met another Monica and Delia with Monica (I’ll just refer to the Monicas as MC and MT). And we went to…..


Initially wanted to view the sunset but it rained, so we decided to eat seafood instead. The rain stopped when we reached Rezeki at Batu Besar. The place was almost empty and the view and weather was amazing…




Some selfies (MC and Delia didn’t wanna take pics because they didn’t wanna climb the small border separating the seating area and the outdoor platform)



The food was amazing!

We ordered:

1) Crab in Black Pepper Sauce

2) Crab in Red Sauce

3) Sambal Kangkong

4) Hong Kong style Fish

5) Deep fried Squid

6) Kelapa Muda

Total: 835rb (~210rb per pax)


Crab with Black Pepper Sauce


Crab in Red Sauce


Hong Kong style Fish


Fried Squid


Sambal Kangkong

Everything was fabulous!!! The Crab in Red Sauce was a little too spicy for me, but the black pepper was simply delicious. Rich in Pepper and I really took my time to suck out the crab meat from the nooks and crannies. Fried squid was the best, crispy and the meat is firm, really fresh. The fish was flavourful and I was the one in the group to just scrape off every single visible piece of fish meat. Yum. The Kangkong kinda finished before I got a chance to take it….

Coconut was refreshing! Not too sweet, gentle enough to kick in and rejuvenate after the meal (Everyone had theirs before but I waited after the meal.)





It was so satisfying. MT kept thanking me for asking her to come along. View + Food + Company = B-e-a-utiful!!

We had a bit of time before our 8:30 ferry back to SGP, so MC and Delia suggested that we go to this place called Dermaga, a mall with restaurants around it and live music (Though they were still setting up while we were there, so we didn’t catch the music.) A nice place to just chill. Ambience and service

20141220_204020 20141220_204015

After visiting Dermaga, we only had like 25 mins to the ferry, so MC sped through the roads. One of the fastest female drivers (other than one of my cousins and my aunt) HAHAHAHA Good job Mon…

MT and I reached the ferry just on time (again) and we headed back to Singapore… We literally sprinted from the immigration to the ferry both times. HAHAHAHA

An exciting day indeed.

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