Ushering in the new year…


I’m really excited for what is lined up for me this year.

GAYA 2015

Need I say more on this? It’s going to be my first major dancing performance outside school (Other than “Nasi Boengkoes: The Musical” in 2009 of course). Though it’s gonna be tough at first having to juggle 4 days of practice a week (might be more in the future) and work, not including the days where I wanna play PIU: Prime at Vivo. Hehehehe as I’m typing this, my body feels a little sore from the 3 hours of PIU on Saturday with Lia and 4 hours of dance yesterday. But no worries, I guess a lot of sleep would do the trick, something all my teachers from Secondary School and JC will vouch I am good at *oops


If you have not already known, I’m currently working as an Independent Business Consultant in Conversion Hub. Work hours is 10-7 daily (Yes, quite late, I know. But at least I don’t have to wake up so early. hehehe :X) What I do is quite simple. Help to sell Mobile Apps and Sales CRM to businesses. Soooooo, if you know anyone who is running a business in Singapore and whom I can help with Digital Marketing, let me know. Khamsiah, Terima Kasih, Kamsahamnida, Danke, Grazie, Xiexie, Thanks!!! 😀

National Service

For those who don’t know, National Service is a compulsory thing for all Singaporeans or 2nd Generation PR once they finish High School or about 17-20 years old. To put it simply, it is military training. Compulsory because Singapore is a small country and we need to defend ourselves in case some war starts. Seriously World Leaders, I don’t heck know why you love violence and wars so much. What all presidential office or parliament should have is a punching bag. If they don’t like a country, paste the country flag on the punching bag and beat the sh*t out of it. No guns and kaboom required. Leave that in the movies.

To be completely honest, I am not in the least looking forward to it at all and hopes that the 2 years will pass quickly. Enlisting on 5th May and I’m still being bitchy about this simply because while I go to NS, all my Indon friends will be going to Uni this year and I will be 2 years their Junior next time like WALAOOOOOOOOO They’ll be in Year 3 while I become a freshie. Can you believe it?!?!

Other than that, I have nothing against NS, cos it will definitely be fun. Hehehehe Except for field camp. Go to the jungle and wash your butt with leaves after you do your business? I still look for hotels and clean malls to go to the toilet when I’m outside. So noooot ready for that stuff yet.


Before Enlistment, I would like to go on a short Holiday to somewhere too, alone. What I had in mind was Japan or Korea, but Sakura blossoms early April, and I’m not sure I can get a leave then, so might be going end of April instead but I’ll miss the Sakuras. So I’m still in the midst of planning that…

Ok Back to work, hope all of you reading this will have a year filled with lessons, experiences, blooming relationships ahead!

Ciao 😉

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