Chinese New Year is in 2 days, and 7th week of the year starts then.

7 is really an interesting digit, whose reciprocal produces the most number in the recurring decimal (0.142857…) six digits per cycle.

If we are using a Hexadecimal calendar, then the 4th cycle (week) would start tomorrow, and 4 is the square of the first composite number 2, and 3 (the number between 2&4) is what should be multiplied by the square of 4 (the second even number) to get 48, which is the number of days that has passed since 2015 started.

And 16 (Hexadecimal) is basically 7 and 2 having a relationship (7+7+2 or 7*2+2)

What even Felix Michael, what’s wrong with you.

I don’t even know why I am even thinking of this so early in the morning. I suspect I may have low-latent inhibition (Think: Michael Scofield cool). This suspicion arises from some observations of myself: how I notice the things people usually ignore (Like how you eat, how you arrange your cutleries after your meal etc) or and ignore the things people usually notice (When girls cut their hair and they get mad at me for noticing only after a week. Or a friend who has braces but I kind of only noticed after 3 months). That, and some comments made by my friend (a few friends actually) that in a 5-second interval when walking, I would look at the floor for half a second, then that couple walking past for a second, then the building across the road for half a sec…. You get what I mean.

Just a random post on this cool day.

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