My “GAYA 2015: Malabero” Journey

9 October 2014

*on Whatsapp*
Kenny Koesoemo: Bro, when is your NS enlistment? Want to dance in GAYA? It’s on 15 March
Me: I haven’t received the letter from MINDEF yet, can’t be too sure.

*At night, my dad handed me a letter. FROM MINDEF!

“Dear Felix Michael, blah blah blah…
Your enlistment date is 05 May 2015.”

*back to Whatsapp*
Me: “KEN, I’M IN!

He asked me 2 times on previous occasions. But I kept saying “I’ll think about it” because of A-levels. But now, I think it was a sign from the Almighty above that Kenny’s invitation was just hours before my enlistment letter arrived at home.

My first session was a few weeks before A Levels and it was a Traditional dance session. I was warmly greeted by Maggie, the director, and Anya, a friend who I haven’t met in a long time. I also met Grace (whom I now call “Bun” because of her last name), the assistant director, Chelsia, the assistant stage manager, that day. I told Mag I wouldn’t be coming any more until after A Levels.

2 weeks before the end of A Levels (If I recall correctly, it was the day before Physics Paper 3), Anya asked me if I wanted to practice some lifting for a while at SMU Basement. At first I was hesitant, but I decided I could think of free body diagrams while lifting and flipping, so why not have a different approach to understanding Physics? Hehehe

*After A Levels.
MaybeI should cut down on the narratives…

When I accepted Kenny’s offer, I didn’t expect that my next few months would be something so precious.
Something that allows me to escape the mundaneness of the corporate life.
Something that would rekindle my love for movements.
Something that is very difficult to explain but so easy to feel

GAYA allowed me to be the boy I was.
Loud and ignorant, yet reflective and observant.
Narcissistic, yet self-conscious

I was the subject of many facepalms. Mainly by Bunbun HAHAH

And many ships. Please stop that everyone. Hahaha

Mag asked me to lead the GAYA Hoo-Ha! for the first combined rehearsal, and all consecutive combined rehearsal after that, probably because I was so loud and shameless in everything I do.

I still can’t believe that my Nickname by Elis’ Mom became my Nickname for the whole GAYA crew, even our artistic consultant. Wow

I had 3 items. I was hardly surviving on a day-to-day basis. But I managed to pull through and I don’t regret a single bit of it. Traditional item was an eye-opener. Reconciliation was breathtaking, and Lyrical Hiphop had the best bitches around (Quoting Jessica Astra)

Sorry for the extremely disorganised post, I still can’t think straight until now, overwhelmed by the myriad of emotions and memories.

But to sum it all up, GAYA 2015 is the first best thing that happened to me this year.\




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