Wisdom teeth removal

About 3 weeks before GAYA, I had a major toothache. I thought it will subside soon, but it persisted for 3 days, and so I decided to visit a dentist.

An X-ray showed that my wisdom teeth has fully grown, but my lower 2 wisdom teeth grew horizontal instead of vertically up. So my 2nd and 3rd molars were almost perpendicular to each other. It really is intriguing how the angling of a growing teeth can vary so much. Since the 3rd molar was growing in the direction of my 2nd Molar, food was stuck between them and that caused an infection, hence the toothache.



The dentist told me he could just clean up the infection site first and the surgical removal can be done after my performance (because my body will be really weak for a few days after surgery, and with GAYA coming up real soon, I know I can’t afford that.)

So, on 16 March 2015 (yes, it’s just the day after GAYA), I had my right top and bottom wisdom teeth removed. They anaesthetise me and then proceed to remove my teeth. My bottom right was too big to just be plucked out, so the dentist had to cut it and extract piece by piece.


The next few days were horrible. I can’t really open my mouth wide and I look slightly spastic when eating. I developed an ulcer on my right in-cheek which definitely didn’t help. I thought post-GAYA would be full of enjoyment and relaxation. Not for me. My jaw hurts whenever I talk (I read online that since the skeleton in the area is modified, the skeletal has to readjust itself and it is very uncomfortable when I try to open mouth for body fuel (or even talk for that matter)

I was actually given 5 days of MC from the doctor. But I still went to work everyday (Because I really need money for the Korea trip next month)

The extraction site doesn’t hurt after about 4/5 days. But the ulcers were really evil. Today (7 days after extraction), the ulcer finally subsided. I ate breakfast this morning without any difficulty (Yay!)

I know this is not a very nice post to read. Sounds painful and all but I’m glad that half of my wisdom teeth problems are over. I’ll do my left side when I’m in NS because it will then be free. Hehe

For those who don’t ever to extract their wisdom teeth because of perfect alignment (like both my parents), congrats.
For those who are still in their teenage years and hasn’t extracted, pray you don’t have to because you’ll be suffering physically for 1 whole week (I read that some people can take up to 2-3weeks to heal). I felt weak and sleepy all the time last week.

Anyway, it’s Monday again, so have a great week ahead to all my readers! :mrgreen:

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