The “Haha” pill


People often ask me why I always do things to embarrass myself. If you know me, you know damn well I do those things quite often. The best example: Always singing out loud in public when it’s clear that my voice is worse than a dying toad.

At first I don’t really know why I do them. But over the years, I learnt one very important life lesson that making a fool of myself taught me, that you should always learn to laugh at yourself. All for a few very good reasons.

1) Laughter is the best medicine
Need I explain this more? Everyone knows that you feel better when you laugh. You feel relieved. Your body relaxes and you train your abs (not really, you won’t get washboard abs just because of laughing. Don’t be lazy people). You forget your problems temporarily. You are healed emotionally, a little physically and mentally. So why not laugh?

2) You learn about your insecurities
Point 1 explains why you should laugh, but why at yourself ? There are 7 billion others in the world to laugh at. Laughing at yourself exposes your, I could say, biggest weakness, which is you yourself. Insecurities are like fun-blockers. You can’t enjoy yourself because you don’t have confidence in your own self. Exposing your insecurities is not necessarily a bad thing. The world doesn’t really care about your insecurities (Unless you are the CEO of a MNC and there are thousands of people hoping you would fall and crumble, in which case you wouldn’t be reading this post.) You are affected most by them. You become more, as the Indonesians say “jaim” because of your insecurities, meaning “to take care of your image” all the time. Don’t be a robot. Learn about your insecurities, accept them, and understand that no one but yourself care much about your insecurities.

3) Things won’t feel so personal
In life, there will always be douches around us that like to make fun of everyone around them. Maybe I qualify to be one of them. And they might very well be our close friends, and only when they’re close do the douchiness gets ridiculous. Every single sentence would be an insult. Laugh along with them about those ridicules. First, you will understand that they don’t really mean it. Second, they won’t get the kick of annoying you and might stop. Third, they might become your BFF. Last but not least, it is a way to resist punching them straight in the throat. But of course, if someone goes over the board with those insults, don’t stab them. Tell their mothers.

4) You enjoy life more
Point 4 is basically the summary of the first 3 points (Because 1+3=2*2=4). Overall, life won’t feel like such a pain. You become more confident of yourself (You might even be an MC or a stand-up comedian if you laugh at yourself often), you become the light to others by spreading the laughing disease, and you also become instantly destressed from all the assignments you’ve been doing all day. (Laughing won’t make you fat, Desserts will.)


The “Haha” pill is really effective.

Laughing at yourself may seem like a simple but ridiculous thing to do. But trust me, learn to do it, and your journey will feel different. It’s like a cheat code.

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