Red Passport, Green Flag

So, since October last year, I have become a Singapore citizen and has obtained a Singaporean Passport (Yay!) I am elated about this, because according to the “Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index”, Singaporeans can travel to 170 countries (Out of 192 countries in the UN, If I recall correctly) without the need to apply for a Visa. Like yeah, I can finally do it like the movies.

“Hi, can you get me the next flight to Switzerland?”

New passport!

New passport!

Anyway, since I’ve gotten the passport, I have yet the chance to use it. (Other than the Day-trip to Batam in Dec last year). I have been working since last December to support myself because my mom said I have to start being financially independent. Thinking of what to do with the money I earned, I thought of going on a holiday before my NS enlistment, which is on 5 May. I was stuck between either Japan or Korea, since they were both considered to be the “hottest” Asian countries to travel to. But I figured Japan was slightly too pricey and I decided on Korea. My former classmate is also Korean, and he has been staying in Seoul since our Graduation, so I figured it would be a better option to have a local guide.

My flight to South Korea would be on 17 Apr (15 more days, that’s right!) WOOHOO!!! Ok stay tuned for the updates then. For now, have a blessed Holy Week everyone.

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