Quick Life Update

It’s not even half of 2015 yet and so many things has happened.

1. GAYA 2015
It has been a really long while since I was involved in something this big! GAYA gave me an opportunity to have fun, meet new people and explore my interest in Dance even more. Hope to be involved in more of this kind of events in the future (Uni life maybe).

2. ‘A’ Level Results and Uni posting
On 2 March 2015, 2pm, 800 students gathered in the halls to receive their GCE ‘A’ Level result slips. I really wanna thank God that I got more than I deserved. I mean honestly, I don’t think my results the amount of effort I put in for my exams, as compared to some of my friends. He has His ways. And Uni…
A few weeks back, while staying in a Jimjilbang in Andong, the first thing I read in the morning was a Whatsapp Message from Christian, saying that NUS has replied him. So I went to the online admissions portal, and HALLELUJAH!

I’ll be enrolling in 2017, after my NS. Still awaiting some Scholarship updates.

3. South Korea Trip in Apr-May
In February, I purchased the plane tickets to South Korea, planning for a solo trip. A few weeks after, Hongwei suddenly tagged along for the trip. (Though His stay was only 7 days and mine was 16.) It was a journey of self-disvovery because:
i) It was my first trip
ii) It was a foreign country in a foreign language
iii) The few days of alone time was really helpful. Though I met people from across the world πŸ˜€
My next few posts will probably be updates about my trip, but most likely on weekends because of NS.

4. National Service
The thing I’ve been dreading since the end of ‘A’ Levels. I have to spend 22 months serving in the military 😦
The date is 05/05/15, time is 1145 (less than 12 hours from the writing of this post :/) I don’t wanna go because I’d rather go to Uni this year and get it over and done with. All my (Indo) friends are enrolling in Uni this year, but mine will be in 2017. And because I think it will be a waste of time. Not that I think I won’t learnt anything, just that I think I don’t need it.

That’s it for now, gotta sleep and be at Pasir Ris by 1000 tomorrow (or today).

God Bless,

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