Arrival in Ubud; an unplanned early dinner.

Bali, an island whose name is almost synonymous to “paradise” to a lot of Indonesians that I know. Also the most-visited destination in Indonesia by foreigners, Aussies mainly. I was really excited for my second “solo” trip. The apostrophes are there because, upon booking my flight to Bali, my cousin Christi, LINE’d me to inform me that her family is also there. I totally didn’t expect that hahaha. It was quite similar to my trip to Korea just 3 months earlier, where long after my tickets were booked, my classmate texted me to tell me that he bought tickets as well. Well, I guess this proves it. If you wanna travel, and you have some dates free and some cash, just buy the tickets, and things will just hopefully fall into place somehow. Don’t have to wait too long for friends to join you Hahahaha okay so here goes.

My AirAsia flight took off at 9:20 from Singapore. No delays. Thank God for that. Bali is in the same timezone as Singapore. After the slightly-less-than-3-hours flight was over, I met my uncle at the arrival hall. His accomodation is in Jimbaran, a coastal area just 15 minutes away from the airport. Real convenient. But before I went to his place, we looked for a motorbike rental shop. Found one near his place. The price was Rp50,000/day for a Honda Scoopy but my uncle managed to cut it down to Rp40,000/day. After that, I had lunch at his place, chat for a while and then I took off to Ubud alone on my motorbike.

According to Google Maps, it was supposed to be a 1.5-hour trip. I took a little over 2 hours because apparently I made some wrong turns. I was supposed to take the main road all the way to Ubud but I unknowingly turned into Denpasar, and then into Sukawati. It was a fun ride though. Riding a motorbike in Bali was not like in Jakarta. The pollution level is not too high and the traffic is not too bad. I really liked it.

My plan was, upon reaching Ubud, to check-in to The Style Ubud, a backpackers-style accomodation on Jl. Hanoman in central Ubud and then scout the area on foot. But the first billboard I saw when I reached this city was of Bebek Tepi Sawah and that it was just 300m right of the next junction. I planned to visit Bebek Tepi Sawah on the second day, but I made the turn. I was a little hungry. Hahaha

I have read quite a lot about Bebek Tepi Sawah from many other blogs. About how it is a must-try restaurant with al-dente food and a spectacular ambience. And also about how the food prices can make you full instantly even before ordering.

The seats in Bebek Tepi Sawah surrounded a rice paddy. According to others’ experience, if you’re lucky you can witness rice farmers planting the rice into the paddy while you munch on your food but I wasn’t part of the lucky crowd.

The rice paddy in the middle of the restaurant

The rice paddy in the middle of the restaurant

It was truly a relaxing view, something to calm myself down after my busy schedule back in Singapore. I opened the menu and found that the signature dish, which is the Crispy Duck costs Rp105,000 for a portion of rice and half a duck, fried. The drinks were not too bad, typical restaurant prices in Indonesia. But since it was Rp20,000 for 500ml of bottled water vs only Rp27,000 for Apple juice, I got the Juice.

The famous Crispy Duck

The famous Crispy Duck

The duck was amazing! The level of crispiness is beyond delight. The sound made when you tear the skin off the meat is music to ears like mine. I’m not even exaggerating. And the meat was tender and flavourful too! I loved every aspect of the duck!

The dish also came with 3 types of chilli. I am NOT, repeat, NOT, a fan of chillies because I just can’t handle spiciness well. My body isn’t made that way. I can sweat profusely, feel my whole body heating up and in some extreme cases, my hands vibrated before if I consume enough capsaicin. But this dish was really dry if I just ate the fried duck and rice alone so I tried dipping a small piece of meat into the red mashed chilli mixture (most right) and Oh My Gosh. It was really good. I cannot really explain it but I just loved it. Yes it was spicy, but not overly spicy and yes beads of sweat started forming slowly on my temples but the chilli was delicious. The mixture on the left was spicy red onion mixture, also extremely delicious (especially since I am a fan of onions). The green chilli mixture was so-so in my opinion.

The 3 different types of chilli served with the Crispy Duck menu

The 3 different types of chilli served with the Crispy Duck menu

NB. No utensils were provided here. For foreigners, Indonesians love eating with our bare hands. It makes the food taste better (seriously) Hahaha but if you don’t feel comfortable eating with your hands, you can request for some fork and spoon but just try it. Eating with your hands is a really useful skill, in my opinion. It takes a little practice when handling rice but just try it Hehehe

My total summed to Rp168,000 after taxes (Oh I ordered an extra plate of rice. Typical me hehe) A little pricey for my first meal in Ubud but the food was well beyond my expectations.

After my short trip to duck haven I went to my hostel and checked in. This post is getting long so I’ll save the rest of the day for another post. Thanks for reading!


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