C’est Ma Vie

Scenario #1
Saturday, 31 Oct 2015. Just turned 19 the day before. Woke up at 4:30am, took a shower, did my morning devotion and got ready for the day ahead. First up was Circuit Training conducted by MSG Rai. It started at about 7. Lots of sprinting at full speed back and forth the parade square and the many lunges left my leg sore but it was a good feeling. I was ready for the day ahead. We went back to the wingline to shower and cleaned up our cabins before going securing for the weekend.

At the pick-up point, I sighted my parents waiting beside our car, along with two people whom I haven’t met in a really long time. My paternal grandparents.
After a long hug and cipika cipiki (kiss right cheek, kiss left cheek), we proceeded for lunch at Menya Musashi, a ramen place at Raffles City, and then later dinner at Brotzeit.


I never knew how to converse with my grandparents. Most of it were small talk along the lines of what they have been doing, nothing of deep significance, at least for the content of conversation.

Nevertheless, I felt so grateful to have them here in Singapore. They flew in just for my 19th Birthday (I am their oldest grandson) and I know that they’re just as excited as I am just to meet each other.

I remember spending part of my childhood running around the terrace on front of their house, secretly taking milk packets from my grandma’s shop and then getting so badly scolded afterwards. It wasn’t stealing, I was gonna tell her after I finish the drink. My grandpa loves motorbikes. He has maybe 6 at home? He also is an early riser. Waking up at 3/4 in the morning is a routine for him. I doubt he uses an alarm clock. Whenever I am in Indonesia for holidays, he would sometimes wake up really early, ride for about 1.5 hours to my uncle’s place where I was staying just to have a short conversation with me, before going to work. I sometimes feel bad because I am still not yet awake when he reaches the house. Thanks grandpa 🙂

Scenario #2
Saturday, 31 Oct 15. That same night, when I went home, I encountered something so unexpected. I was the first to open the main door at home. And then I saw this.


Woahh dayummm. And the I saw a Macbook Pro on the table. “Yay Mom bought me a new laptop.” Below it is a note saying “Press spacebar to play.” I did and this video started playing.


I laughed at some parts, teared a little at some, and then laughed even harder at other parts. After the video ended, the lights turned on and about twenty people appeared behind me and sang Happy Birthday. It was the church people. I didn’t even know how to react. Maybe because I was already too fatigued then. THEY HAD TIRAMISU CAKE, MY FAVOURITE. Nyehehehehehe

Thank you God for placing me in such a supportive community. I can’t always be there when they have meals together because I’m in camp from Sunday night to Saturday morning. But yet they still are there for me. Thank you eperebodeh.


Life has always been rather kind to me. I hardly faced any unfavourable circumstances, my friends and family form a supportive community. The name Felix means Lucky, but I feel more than lucky. I am blessed. There are so many more circumstances in the later half of 2015 alone that forces me to stop saying thank you and just grinning to ear-to-ear. Hard times may come, failures may force itself into your house, but the good times. Oh the good joy of life. When they come, life is so beautiful.

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