A New Chapter

They say that years during university are the best years of your life. I’m finally about to experience that in  a month. And also, I’ll be studying in University College London. Different continent, different climate, different people, different culture. I really can’t wait to fly off . I’ve never been to London before. Although I heard rumors that the Brexit issue is not the best for foreigners because the locals are more racist now. But I don’t think it can be that bad, it’s arguably the commercial capital of the world. I’m neither really afraid nor apprehensive, rather I’m pretty damn excited. Woots.

And before I fly off, I’ll be heading to Japan for a week. I have so much to look forward to in the next few weeks. Anyone fancy a hike to Mt Fuji 2 weeks from now or a trip to Wales 2 months from now? Hehehe



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