Jinhao X450 Fountain Pen Review

Last week, I ordered the Jinhao X450 Fountain Pen after watching a lot of positive reviews about it. I bought it through eBay and it cost GBP5.80 including delivery. A serious bargain indeed.

The one I bought is called “Blue Marble” as per the eBay listing description and I absolutely love the finish on this. A few gradients of blue with streaks of white/grey throughout the body and cap. Both ends are a nice shiny black, the pocket clip and the cap-band attaching it to the cap is gold. There is another gold ring just at the opening of the cap with the words Jinhao and X450 engraved on it.

The pen is my first heavy pen. It weighs 50g where most of my other pens are less than 25g.



The nib that came with the pen is a medium, and 18k gold-plated stainless-steel, but you can replace it with any other #6 nib out there. The majority of the nib is gold with a band of silver in the middle. It has a logo of a horse pulling a chariot, the Jinhao logo and the “Jinhao 18K GP” below it.

The grip is rubber with some grooves on which you can put your fingers. If you use the pinch grip it should be quite comfortable.


The pen came with twist-piston converter from Jinhao. I filled it up with Parker Quink Black. First thoughts: It is VERY wet and a little too thick for my usual handwriting. It also bleeds quite badly. I shook the pen and drops of ink came out onto the paper. This didn’t last long and I hope that is a one-time occurrence.

After taking some time to adjust to the bigger nib, I got a little used to it and it is actually quite nice. The weight takes a little getting used too.

Overall this is a nice pen and I really love the finish. The nib/feed system is very wet and hopefully this problem doesn’t last.

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