6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Since the academic year started in September, I’ve been trying to do six impossible things before breakfast every single day. Why impossible? Because I’ve never seem do them perfectly.

1) Leave my bed at 6. I would put my success rate at about 70%. I’ve been coming home late quite often now. It makes it a little harder when I arrive home after midnight.

2) Take a cold shower. It energises me, it really does. But sometimes I just wanna be warm and fuzzy in the shower. And if I showered the night before, I somehow talk myself out of taking one entirely, and I’ll regret it the entire day.

3) Make a perfect cup of coffee. Ok there is actually no such thing. I seem to make it slightly different every day and I haven’t thought about it enough to know why what happened happened. I really should.

4) Read the Word of God. Not gonna lie, this is one difficult habit to keep. Sometimes my Bible is in my bag because I brought it somewhere the day before and I make an excuse to not take it out. Sometimes my mind just prefers facebook, instagram, and youtube.

5) Write in my bullet journal and diary. I’ve been experimenting a lot with the different possible contents of the BuJo and haven’t actually stuck to any one yet.

6) Make the most important meal of the day. I never plan it, and most times I just settle with something simple with eggs, bread, garlic, milk, and Müsli. Should start to actually plan it out.

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