100 Little Joys in Life

A random list of things that bring me joy

  1. When you pull your bed sheet and all the creases disappear.
  2. When you make a protein shake and there are no lumps.
  3. When the eggshells of a boiled egg come off in one big chunk .
  4. When you come home after a long day and your flatmate says that you’re free to take the food in the kitchen.
  5. When fresh egg pasta is on reduced price.
  6. When you peel a banana and there are no strings attached.
  7. When you put Spotify on shuffle and one of your favourite songs come on first.
  8. When you pour the exact weight of coffee beans without having to adjust.
  9. When you wake up and see the sun unobstructed by the clouds. (in London)
  10. When you cook soup/curry/braised stuff and lift off the lid and that smell hits your nose and your glasses get fogged up with flavourful goodness.
  11. When you rip off toilet paper neatly at the perforations.
  12. When you wipe off the ink cleanly from your calligraphy nibs in one wipe.
  13. When you find a new smashing outfit combination from your wardrobe.
  14. When you finally use up all your coins without receiving change.
  15. When you make an emulsion sauce with the perfect consistency.
  16. When you squeeze that last drop of toothpaste from the tube and it forms a perfect nurdle.
  17. When you shop for groceries and everything fits snuggly in your backpack.
  18. When you drink filter coffee at its optimum temperature.
  19. When you finish a chapter of a book just as the train stops at your destination.
  20. When you finish a run and the distance ran is a whole number of kilometres.
  21. When you arrive home and your phone battery is just about to die.
  22. When your friends help make your calorie intakes worth it.
  23. When you wake up in the morning and your socks stay stretched.
  24. When your parcel from Amazon arrives minutes after you get home.
  25. When you do a time check on your automatic watch and the deviation is zero.
  26. When you make a satisfying rhythm cutting vegetables.
  27. When you refill your fountain pens without washing and it makes a glorious sheen.
  28. When the lighter works on the first try.
  29. When you look to the sky and see a bird diving a beautiful curve.
  30. When you never measure ingredients and the dish turns out very well-balanced.
  31. When you sharpen a pencil neatly with just a knife.
  32. When all the carrots are of similar shape and size.
  33. When you make a symphony sharpening your knife at the start of a cooking session.
  34. When you flourish a perfect curve in a calligraphy session.
  35. When you write a journal entry to exactly the end of the page.
  36. When you stretch and hit that sweet spot of growth between comfort and torture.
  37. When you look at trees swaying in a synchronised timing.
  38. When you finish a meal and become well satisfied but not too full.
  39. When you drink tap water and it is at the right temperature.
  40. When you refill a pen without any spillages.
  41. When you wake up seconds before your alarm rings.
  42. When you ask the waiter/waitress for their recommendation and they actually tell you what they like.
  43. When you win an auction on eBay.
  44. When you use your knife for the first time after whetstone-sharpening it.
  45. When you tie your shoelace which has a flat string and it does not twist and turn.
  46. When you eat a fruit at its perfect level of ripeness.
  47. When you have to shift down one belt hole.
  48. When you cook for your friends and their eyes light up at first bite.
  49. When the sun shines and the temperature is just right to wear a T-shirt out.
  50. When your friend texts you just before you want to start a conversation with them.
  51. When the espresso is actually good.
  52. When Netflix goes on HD without you having to refresh the page, especially if you’re on VPN.
  53. When you find the perfect angle during a photoshoot.
  54. When its raining and your music fits the mood.
  55. When you step into the bathroom in the morning and feel good when you look in the mirror.
  56. When someone pays you an honest compliment.
  57. When you receive snail mail.
  58. When you make perfect wax seals on your envelopes.
  59. When you flip a book to the intended page in one flip.
  60. When you are in public and hear someone speaking your language.
  61. When your friends give you one look and you know exactly what they are saying.
  62. When your blocked nose clears up.
  63. When you land a jump perfectly.
  64. When your spices run out at the same time.
  65. When you go outside after it rains and smell petrichor.
  66. When the meat slides off the bone.
  67. When the exposure on the polaroid comes out perfect.
  68. When a Bluetooth device connects automatically.
  69. When you finish watching a recommended movie on Netflix and actually love it.
  70. When the food was actually worth the price you paid for it.
  71. When you buy a piece of clothing online and it fits perfectly.
  72. When your friend invites you over for a meal.
  73. When your friend hugs you real good.
  74. When you achieve a new PR on an exercise.
  75. When you part ways with your friends after meeting up and think, “Damn, that was wholesome.”
  76. When you arrive at a traffic light crossing just as it turns green.
  77. When the customer service personnel smiles.
  78. When you start noticing that fats are leaving your body.
  79. When you finally tidy up your desk after a long day.
  80. When your portable charger’s battery run out just as your phone battery hits 100%.
  81. When you tilt your chair on two of its legs and manage to balance it for a good few seconds.
  82. When you leave the house and tap your pockets, to find that all the essentials (wallet, keys, and phone) are there.
  83. When the last pour of milk fills exactly one cup.
  84. When your favourite Youtube channels upload new videos.
  85. When you put on your backpack without the strap twisting.
  86. When you Netflix and wine by yourself.
  87. When there is more crayfish in your crayfish and avocado sandwich from Pret.
  88. When you smile at a stranger in public and they smile back.
  89. When your favourite song comes on in the café.
  90. When a restaurant increases their student discount.
  91. When you meet someone with the same love for food as you.
  92. When the going gets rough but you still feel loved.
  93. When you wake up from a nap feeling refreshed although not much time has passed.
  94. When you come home from work and find freshly cooked food in the kitchen.
  95. When you sing a song and just want to lift up your hands.
  96. When you are travelling and find an outdoor gym.
  97. When you find a secondhand book store.
  98. When you walk into a room and immediately love the smell.
  99. When you find a new favourite restaurant
  100. When you finally finish a to-do list.

Writing this has actually revealed a lot about myself, about how my subconscious works. And it is fun.

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