Who am I?

A small boy living in the Little Red Dot, Singapore. On my journey of self-discovery in this mysterious realm called life.

Born in Bogor, Indonesia.
Lived the first 6 years of my life in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.
Moved to Singapore, finished High School, went on to study at UCL in London.
Now working as a Naval Officer.

Being in your mid-20s is a confusing period. Everyone is somehow trying to find their identity, what strikes their curiosity, and a community to fit in. Interests from high school/university are dropped due to other commitments, you pick up others to seem more “woke” or relevant, and at the end of the day, you realise that all that matters is just having a few good friends. Everything else in life is so arbitrary.

A noob pseudo-linguist, an overanalyser, and a pluviophile.
An ENTP (Debator according to 16personalities) hence the posts in the “Thinks” category. I:
– Pole-danced in university, won the national championship,
– Try my hand at painting and calligraphy from time to time,
– Irregularly bullet journal,
– Spend way too much time in the kitchen (favourite equipment are my knife and the mortar & pestle),
– Aspire to be involved in writing and/or teaching in the future.

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