How to Be an Influencer

There are two words whose meanings have severely degraded by the internet and their widespread use by plebs. The first is the word is 'foodie', which has now been used by basically the entire youthful population. What grinds my gears? It is when people are not able to differentiate between appreciation of food and gluttony. … Continue reading How to Be an Influencer

Should I Fly to the Moon?

If you have been even slightly informed by the media in the last week, you surely must have noticed that the scientific community, particularly that of the aeronautics branch, are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. 50 years ago on 16 July 1969, the famous quote by Neil Armstrong came to life. … Continue reading Should I Fly to the Moon?

What It Means to Find a ‘Nice’ Girl to Marry

I am now of the age where some of my friends are getting married and the question 'When is it your turn?' comes up now and again. Whenever someone answer, I realise the concept of character comes out a lot. 'Oh, I am waiting for a good guy.' 'He is nice but...' This made me … Continue reading What It Means to Find a ‘Nice’ Girl to Marry